Project Kashmir

In the scenic Kashmir Valley, saffron fields carpet the hilltops and shikaras glide along moonlit waters. A disputed territory between India and Pakistan for over 50 years, Kashmir was once called paradise on earth but is now scarred by extremist violence. This acclaimed documentary follows two American friends, Geeta and Senain, as they travel to Kashmir to discover the realities of daily life there, and why the bloodshed continues.

Shot by Academy-Award-winning filmmaker Ross Kauffman (BORN INTO BROTHELS) and edited by Billy McMillin (IRAQ IN FRAGMENTS), PROJECT KASHMIR follows the two friends as the breathtaking beauty of Kashmir gives way to constant reminders of conflict: paramilitary troops sporting AK-47s, trucks gutted by roadside bombs and abandoned homes crumbling into the earth. Geeta and Senain talk with villagers, journalists and human rights activists (though an informant warns them that double-speak is a way of life as well as a survival tactic). Unsure of whom to trust and what to believe, they find themselves on opposite sides of the divide, their bonds of friendship tested in a realm where one’s identity is questioned at every turn.

  • Fascinating and illuminating…a much-anticipated film. – The 2008 Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
  • One of the most promising works-in-process for 2008. – 2007 Tribeca Film Festival
  • We made this film in order to create a tool for dialogue between our divided communities. -Senain Kheshgi and Geeta V. Patel, Directors of Project Kashmir

Project Kashmir serves as a call to action for peacemaking that begins with people, not politics. In making this film, we needed to engage with deeply divided communities over a span of five years. Unlike the conflict in Israel-Palestine, few people are aware of the details behind the conflict in Kashmir. Few organizations and initiatives exist to bridge these communities and support dialogue. Project Kashmir was created in order to fill that void. The film will be utilized in conjunction with a grassroots outreach that will draw on the film and the conflict in Kashmir as a case study for conflict resolution in our daily lives and bring awareness to the situation in Kashmir. Currently, we are in the process of scheduling screenings, workshops, and panels around the world. If you would like this film or its programming to come to your city, please contact us