Blood of My Brother

The Blood of My Brother takes the viewer behind the scenes of the Shia insurgency with scenes of fighting and death on the streets of Sadr City and Najaf.  The Blood of My Brother brings war-torn Iraq to life with intimate detail. This is the closest most will ever come to being there: kneeling in prayer amidst a thousand Muslim worshippers, the roar of low-flying Apaches, riding atop a sixty-ton tank, driving with masked resistance fighters to attack American positions, fleeing the threat of an overwhelming response, the blood in the street, a tank on fire, or the cold, distant stare of a dead Iraqi fighter.

  • Intimate and hair-raising – Nathan Lee, The New York Times
  • Made with access the CIA would envy… a revealing insight into the war in Iraq. – Leslie Felperin, Variety
  • Unsettling and frequently chilling … More so than in Gunner Palace or The War Tapes, BLOOD OF MY BROTHER gives a fuller picture of urban warfare. – Kent Turner, Film Forward
  • Stunning Footage … a coruscating, politics-free observations of the Iraq war. - Marc Mohan, The Oregonian
  • Uncensored — transcends the body counts and bland abstractions that characterize most Western reporting of the war. – Bill Gallo, LA Weekly
  • Invaluable … imparts a you-are-there atmosphere! – Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun-Times
  • Fascinating … A Brave Film. – Marc Holcomb, Time Out New York